iN:FuSD Pesticide & PGR Quality Control Test




iN:FuSD is on the forefront of the cannabis industry, and we are excited to offer you our latest and greatest quality control service of Pesticide and Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) Analysis. That’s right, we now have the capability to test your cannabis products for Pesticides and PGR’s.

Our Pesticide and Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) Analysis mirrors NY’s requirements for Pesticide Testing Limits, and we test for all 70 of the same Pesticides/PGRs as NY State Cannabis Testing Laboratories.

Let our dedicated team of scientists analyze your cannabis products and verify that your products are tested for Pesticides and Plant Growth Regulators.

State labs charge $175 for pesticide testing, which can really add up, especially if you’re not a huge mutli-million dollar corporation. Let us help you on your cannabis journey and you can save almost half of what the state labs charge, for the same exact tests performed.

Testing results are based on the sample provided. A proper chain of custody is used to confirm that your sample matches the test performed on this certificate. This testing is not state certified, we are a neutral 3rd party offering quality assurance only. iN:FuSD makes no claims to the safety, risks associated, or efficacy of any compounds detected or not detected.


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