iN:FuSD News

What We Do

We specialize in herbal infusions, essential oils, vaporizers, and accessories. 

We provide you with reliable, dependable options to fit your lifestyle. 

Upcoming Events

Monday, Feb 19, 2018 - iN:FuSD Online Introduction.

Thursday, March 1, 2018 - Grand Opening for iN:FuSD Online.  

Spring 2018 -  Launch Party. Our 4/20 Party was a huge success.

Summer 2018 - TBA

Legal News

Kratom not available in:

Alabama. Arkansas. Indiana. Rhode Island. Vermont. Wisconsin.

 Alton, IL. Jerseyville, IL. San Diego, CA. Sarasota County, FL. Washington D.C.

Not for human consumption in Denver, CO.

Deals & Discounts

- Free shipping on orders over $99.

- All active duty, retired, or veterans of the armed forces receive 10% off all orders. 

- Senior citizens 55+ receive 10% off all orders.

- Buy more and save.

We Are Live

- Promotional Events. Demos. Podcasts. Social Media. Interactive platforms. More to come.    

Expanding Horizons

Interested in being a merchant, affiliate, starting your own brand, white label solutions, or looking to invest? Contact us for more info. 

Email: us@iN-FuSD.com